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Wine and Olive Oil Tasting

     Adjacent to the town of Altomonte are an abundance of lush vineyards, olive groves and peach and pear trees showering the hills of this picturesque landscape. You will receive a tour of the vineyards and olive groves hosted by your own private Sommelier for a glimpse into the ancient methods of wine and olive oil-making.

Museo Civico

     Tour the Museo Civico, home to the famous 14th Century painting, MADONNA DELLE PERE, and other historical pieces.


     Hike near the Albanese town of Lungro in The National Park of the Pollino Mountains, or go a bit further to The National Park of the Sila Mountains. Your senses will be filled with fresh mountain air and views of untouched earth.

Altomonte Activities

     Stroll the cobblestone streets of this charming medieval town and experience the warmth of the local people.

Hotel Barbieri

     The Pool and Outdoor Dining Area of The Hotel Barbieri.


     The luxurious spa offering a range of professional services inclusive of facial, massage and tanning.