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     Have you ever wondered why the dinner at your grandmother’s house was so memorable? Was it the fresh ingredients, the family old recipes or the attention to culinary detail? Experience all three and do so in the pastoral ambiance of Southern Italy. Cooking Calabrese Style® is a unique cooking concept that caters to classes of 8-16 people. You will be under the tutelage of 5 separate cooking hosts who will prepare the dishes, some in their own kitchens.

     Classes are designed for the accomplished cook as well as for beginners wanting to experience authentic Italian cuisine. All of the ingredients are home grown in Calabria.

     Italian cuisine is amongst the finest dining in the world. Learning the secrets and preparation of Southern Italian food takes cooking to another lever. Long neglected, except for family dinners, the wondrous and aromatic foods of Calabria are a truly culinary experience that can be yours to be enjoyed.

     Unlike typical cooking classes, Cooking Calabrese Style® takes a different approach by initially involving you in the total process (five different preparations by five different chefs). From Zia Carolina’s recipes and preparations of appetizers, to Patrizia’s succulent dessert menu, you will receive a hands-on approach in preparation of their favorite recipes.

     Each day is also interspersed with cultural activities. In addition to touring the attractions of Altomonte, you will have will have a wide range of unique experiences in addition to cooking classes or simply relaxing by the pool and spa of the critically acclaimed Hotel Barbieri. (See Altomonte Activites and Attractions)