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     Did you ever yearn to gather your closest family and friends to share a common occasion be it a family reunion, a class year reunion or a renewal of vows? Itís easier that you think if you simply plan a Family and Friends Reunion in Altomonte, Calabria.

     Nestled beneath the Pollino Mountains, Altomonte is the ideal reunion location to enjoy the company of love ones amongst the natural beauty and environs of Southern Italy. In addition to the hospitality and points of interest that Altomonte has to offer, you are a short distance to the numerous charming towns and villages of Calabria.

     All the hassles of planning a trip are eliminated. From airline reservations to inland transportation to your accommodations at Casa Di Gasperi, all details will be organized for you by a bilingual coordinator. Discover the magic of Altomonte with your closest friends and family members.

     Some places cannot be captured in the mind by mere photos and words. Some memories cannot be vividly recalled. Some travel experience cannot be replicated. The travel the reunion and the cementing of family and friendship bonds, however, are experiences that last for a lifetime. And are yours to enjoy in Altomonte.

     A Family and Friends Reunion is the perfect remedy for rekindling the memories that you most treasure. A week in Altomonte offers the opportunity experience the dreams of a lifetime and share it with your love ones.

     The charm and warmth of the local people of this medieval town is certain to add an unforgettable touch to your visit. Altomonte offers and abundance of activities for you and your guests to choose from inclusive of wine tasting, cooking classes, cultural tours, hiking or just simply relaxing at the pool, spa or nearby beaches. (See Altomonte Activites and Attractions)