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SIBARI (1 hour)

     Once colonized by the Greeks, the Sibarian residents of 500 B.C. were well-known for their self-indulgent lifestyle and progressive infrastructure. Remains are on exhibit. Located by Ionian Sea, Siberi offers many fine seafood restaurants at the nearby beaches.

COSENZA (50 minutes)

This historical city center is one of the best preserved in Italy, with finely renovated palaces, medieval squares, old craftshops and lively areas full of people in the evenings.

NAPLES (3 1/2 hours)

The major port city of Italy, Naples is strategically located on the Tyrhenian Coast. It is a city of major interest, both cultural and culinary. Naples is also the debarkation point for trips to Capri and Sardinia.

DIAMANTE (1 1/2 hours)

The City of Murals, with its sparkling beaches, strands of shopping and notable seafood restaurants, is famous for its casual glamour, ambiance and weeklong Pepperoncini Festival in August.

TROPEA (3 hours)

Tropea is renowned for its superb beaches and world-famous red onions. It is located on the westernmost tip of the Italian peninsula which overlooks the Messina Straits. Old Tropea sits on a cliff overlooking the beaches and sea and offers a range of regional cuisine and shopping.


Reggio Calabria is the second oldest city in Italy. It is well known as a port and university city. Reggio Calabria is the debarkation point to the Lipari Islands and Sicily.

SICILY (4 hours)

Sicily with its own unique culture, offers the finest in arts, cuisine, architecture and archaeological ruins. Its principle cities are Palermo, Agrigento, Siracusa and Taoromina, universally considered the Jewel of Sicily.